Peppard Investments Limited
We believe that environmental awareness during design and construction process and sustainable approach for architecture is no longer a matter of the future, it is a matter of present building industry even at the smallest scale to create benefits for local communities and to minimise global environmental change.

Considering modern world issues related to energy consumption and globalization of the markets it is crucial to create sustainable design and development strategies for architecture that reduce the negative environmental impact from a built environment by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large.

Our mission is to introduce as much as possible of sustainable strategies in social housing and public buildings. We believe that creating high quality sustainable standards in social development sector will develop the awareness of the whole society and will establish best building standards for the future developments.
Our daily goal is to seek solutions with our architects and designers, that minimize the negative environmental impact. Therefore we always considering the best balance of the design sustainable strategies for our developments:
Sustainability is a way for us to make our common dream come true and to help with our passion. To build the future for us all and future generations.